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Business Matching

23号福建十一选五开奖结果: Business Matchmaking

 A special VIP business matching program
Invited guests business matching program is to meet the requirement of trade exhibitors, between the potential buyers and exhibitors to provide products and services matching, help exhibitors before the show search with plans to purchase the core business decision makers, the appointment the intention of the buyer, to enhance the exhibitors investment return rate, the efficient use of the exhibition as a function of the trading platform of a value-added service.
 Our advantage
High visibility and influence of professional procurement platform
More than 30000 massive professional audience
Business matching service team with rich experience
 Our service
The exhibition begins before looking for you for the intention of the buyer
 We need to understand your pairing needs
Invite buyers to participate in the matching plan, search for buyers to meet your needs
You will receive the buyer's purchase information
Business matching consultant to provide you with a report on the matching
During the exhibition for you specially invited buyers 
Please contact us directly to participate.:
organizing committee
TEL:+86 21 37048765
Email : [email protected]

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